Renewable Energy
The capability of energy production is a symbol of harmony, strength and progress of a nation nowadays. Energy production scale decides the level of prosperity of a nation.
Energy is produced from many sources i.e., hydropower fossil fuels, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, energy from sewerage and industry wastes. As time passes the fossil fuels have been used and their reservoirs are decreased, resulting increased prices and less availability. This situation calls for renewable energy resources.
For last 30 years a lot of research and development has been done in the field of wind and solar energy and good results have been achieved. Many projects have been done at government and public sector.
With the only drawback of being weather dependent renewable energy resources has following advantages.
1. Renewable energy is free of cost.
2. Easily accessible at most of the places.
3. It is very clean and environment friendly.
4. New projects create more chances of employment.
5. It can be managed at local even at personal level with primary training.
6. The installation and running cost are small.
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