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Agenda of the Workshop

Introduction to Computer Vision (Slides)
Designing and Developing a Computer Vision System


Programming Environmentof

Computer Vision System (Slides)

Artificial Intelligence Framework for Computer Vision


Understand a High Performance Computing Architectures


Future of Artificial Intelligence

and Computer Vision (Slides)

Computer Vision for Real-life problems


The “Embedded Computer Vision” targets the use of image and video processing in different embedded systems. Now a days, a major transformation is underway in the field of computer vision. Due to the emergence of very powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient heterogeneous multi-core processors, image sensors, memories and other ICs, it has become possible to incorporate vision capabilities into a wide range of embedded systems.

This workshop will cover:
The workshop targets design of embedded computer vision systems using OpenCV libraries and different heterogeneous single board computers. The workshop also discusses the artificial neural networks and their use in machine learning, for the object recognition, image segmentation, modeling and human motion, etc.

Workshop on Embedded Computer Vision System Architectures and Applications

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